Black Powder Weapons

Black powder firearms in Portsmouth

We have many black powder firearms including old muskets and pistols

What are black powder firearms?

Black powder is an old type of gunpowder used mainly back in the 1700s and 1800s. When you shoot a black powdered firearm it usually creates a black cloud of smoke. View our selection of black powder firearms today by visiting Portsmouth Gun Centre.
Black powder firearms

Black powder firearms are still available

When most people say 'black powder' they are referring to the guns designed in the era when black powder was the only choice. 

Our range covers many historical firearms. For the most part, this means muzzle loading guns, like muskets.


Black powder firearms include:

• Pistols
• Rifles
• Shotguns
• Muskets

As well as antique guns, we also stock modern day firearms including shotguns, rifles and air guns.
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