Hunting & Target rifles in Portsmouth

We stock a wide variety of hunting rifles at Portsmouth Gun Centre.

Stockists of high quality rifles 

We have an extensive collection of rifles designed and made in compliance with the Firearms Act 1968. Rifles come in a variety of calibres to suit all your requirements and are easy to manoeuvre, making them ideal for hunting or target shooting.
Bolt action rifles

What should I use a rifle for?

Rifles are used in hunting and shooting sports. So if you are looking for the perfect firearm for hunting then our rifles are available for you at a great price.

We also stock shotguns and black powder weapons as well as ammunition and a selection of hunting accessories.

Semi-automatic rifles

Types of rifles we offer:

• Bolt action rifles
• Semi-automatic rifles
• Lever action rifles
• All types of air rifles

All our rifles are fully in compliance with the Firearms Act of 1968.
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Want a hunting rifle for target shooting or pest control? Visit Portsmouth Gun Centre or call:
023 9266 0574

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