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Since 1982 Portsmouth Gun Centre have streamlined their business providing you with specialised modern firearms for modern shooting.

Firearms, ammunition and accessories

Looking for a local gun shop that sells modern firearms including shotguns, rifles, black powder weapons and air guns as well as the necessary ammunition and hunting accessories? Visit the Portsmouth Gun Centre or contact our friendly team for further details. 
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Family run business

In 1963, Mr David Crabtree founded the business – ‘Ophir Antiques’. Over the years we have transformed our business into selling modern firearms and are now recognised as the Portsmouth Gun Centre.

Large variety of firearms 

We have a wide variety of firearms for all your needs including shotguns, rifles, air pistols, air guns and black powder weapons. We also have ammunition and accessories for all our firearms.
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Personalised service

We offer a personal service to all of our customers. By providing our expert advice, you are able to make the best and most informed decision, on the right firearm for your requirements.

Our gun shop at a glance

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For a reputable local gun shop that stocks a wide range of quality firearms, visit the Portsmouth Gun Centre today. Alternatively, call us now on 
023 9266 0574

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